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Graphic designer  |  Freelance  |  2017 – 2021

Here are some logo, brochure, business card and newsletter creations that I have designed for different clients as a part-time freelance.

Graphic designer  |  Homies Holidays  |  2019

In collaboration with the cofounder, I was in charge of designing the web page of Homies Holidays, a welcome booklet of 70 pages, a keyring, a totebag, as well as other print and digital creations for this rental agency and for Homies Eco Pressing, belonging to the same group.

Graphic designer  |  Vcomk  |  2018

I worked on both printed and digital projects—such as advertising posters, press releases, brochures, infographics and web design—for various clients—here below I present six of them—during my functions in the communication agency Vcomk

Graphic designer and editor-in-chief  |  Avisual Pro  |  2017

I wrote the content and layed out the annual commercial brochure for the production company Avisual Concept—media company: Avisual Pro. I also was in charge of researching, conducting interviews, writing articles and designing the layout of the AV Magazine, a Spanish reference in audiovisual news. Find below excerpts of the 10th issue—I also oversaw the 7th, 8th and 9th issues that you can see in here.

Graphic designer  |  Personal project  |  2021

Inspired by the innovative astrological theory presented in the thesis of Patrice Guinard on the Cura—the International Astrology Research Center—I designed the set of astrological symbols and created consequent mnemonic infographics.


Motion designer and video editor  |  Freelance  |  2018 – 2021

Combining video editing and motion graphics skills, I made a classic and a creative version of an online advertisement for the women's clothing brand Lookiero. Then, as a motion designer, I worked on two projects for the independent filmmaker Clelia Goodchild: for the animated title of her documentary Pluma and for her animated logo. At last, in collaboration with a drone driver, I edited a teaser and made an animated logo for the rental agency Homies Holidays

E-learning motion designer  |  Freelance  |  2020

Here below you can see two e-learning video reels in which I was in charge of the animation: the first one for RATP, the public transport in the Parisian region, and the second for Lacostethe famous French clothing brand.